Deb Johnson

Q&A with Deb Johnson

I obtained a BS in Social Welfare from UW-Whitewater, and an MS in Administrative Leadership and Adult Education from UW-Milwaukee.
I love to read! I typically read one 'fun' book a week and have a self-help type book going at the same time. I enjoy boating and hiking with my husband and two adult sons, and watching my oldest play hockey. I also like to look for and try out new recipes, as I teach cooking classes for kids. I also enjoy walking and strength training.
I love knowing that I'm part of something bigger, helping people in need. After college, I began volunteering for a lot of different organizations and loved seeing the passion people have for their jobs.
I was on a bowling league for years when I was in elementary/junior high, and I once bowled a 243. I used to play hockey when my boys were younger, wanting to spend more time with them doing what they enjoyed. I played for a short time on a women's league until I sustained a knee injury and never went back. I also fell flat on my face and broke my nose while playing with the boys.
I have always wanted to visit Norway, where my husband's family is from.