Eric Sponholtz

Q&A with Eric Sponholtz

I was born in Waupun, Wisconsin, but grew up in the small town of Berlin, near Oshkosh. I say "near" because it usually took us almost a half hour to get to Oshkosh if we really needed something important because we probably didn't have it in Berlin!
I graduated from Berlin High School in 2001 and spent my freshman year of college at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where my major was music education. After quickly realizing that I wasn't the next great choir conductor, I transferred back to the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and majored in communications. Go Titans!
In my spare time I enjoy being with my wife, Heather, our son, Connor, and our Bichon, Lola. I'm a huge Packer, Brewer, Badger and Bucks fan as well. We're also a Disney family and are looking forward to taking Connor on his second Disney trip this fall before he's even three years old!
In the nonprofit field, no day is the same. There is always a challenge to be able to stay relevant, to create a new program or service, and to try and make sure your organization is giving back in the best way possible. I come to work every day with a purpose, and that's to try and work to give back to this community because I've been able to see firsthand that people can really benefit from the resources this community has to offer.
There's really two things. One is that I've tried out for American Idol (didn't win, obviously). But, I was the front man for a local cover band for a number of years and have really enjoyed singing for as long as I can remember. The other is that I used to host a morning radio show back in Berlin for a small AM station. We played classic country and I'd spend my mornings reading the farm reports while listening to "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. I also did play-by-play for that station for the local basketball and football teams. My dream is to take over Bob Uecker's job!
I think being at Disney with my family and seeing my son's reactions would be my choice. We're very much looking forward to taking him to Disney as many times as we can! Of course, my other answer (because I have to be difficult) is to spend a week at Miller Park or Lambeau Field (I'll sleep in the bullpen or on the 50-yard line if I have to).