Jessie Sprister

Q&A with Jessie Sprister

I'm from Green Bay, but my family spent every weekend, holiday, vacation, etc., in Pembine, WI, so I like to claim both places as my hometown.
I graduated from Green Bay Southwest, and then from UW-Green Bay with a bachelor’s in communications and public relations. Later I received an associate’s degree from Rasmussen College in graphic design and interactive web design.
I like to spend time with my family, which consists of my husband, two daughters, and hound dog. We spend as much time as we can outdoors, no matter the time of year. My husband and I are supper club buffs and like to try new ones every date night!
I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in people's lives. Working for the Volunteer Center, I can use my skills to help so many different people.
Events are my passion. My first internship was a PR and events internship. I found out through that internship that I loved events, but knew that I wasn't going to change my major. Thankfully, my communications degree was broad enough that I was able to use my degree for many different things, and my career has helped me experience a lot of really great things, and I'm excited to see what the Volunteer Center lets me experience.
Nashville! I've planned three trips to Nashville in my life, and have had to cancel every one of them due to outside forces, the most recent being my honeymoon and a COVID cancellation. One day I'll get there!