Leanne Baeten

Q&A with Leanne Baeten

I grew up in De Pere, living above a Main Street business my grandparents owned until I was 5. After that my family lived just outside the city on Lost Dauphin Rd (then 3rd Street).
West De Pere High School
Spending time with my family and friends is my favorite spare time activity. I also enjoy being in the sunshine... beaches (picking up drift wood, interesting stones and sea glass), walking a nature trail, or just wading in the lake.
As a Jesus person, I believe we are called to help our neighbors. I thrive on making relationships with others. My formative working years were spent with Wisconsin Public Service Corporation. It was a company with a heart for the individuals and communities we served. That foundation laid, as jobs changed, I was always involved in non-profits as a volunteer or board member. In 2013, relocating back to the Green Bay area, I decided to seek non-profit work to be a daily part of what directly impacts people (particularly those in need) and their lives.
I LOVE Vincent Van Gogh's works. I spent two full days at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and could have spent more if there wasn't so much else to see in my week there! That trip also provided a canal cruise where our boat got caught between two wakes and was rocking back and forth with water rushing in open windows.
No specific site. Somewhere I haven't been (waterfront would make it ideal). I love to explore nature, food and culture, meeting people, and learning about where I am.