Ruth Paquin

Q&A with Ruth Paquin

I went to Neenah High School and graduated from Carroll College in Waukesha with a B.A. in English.
I like to read (mostly historical fiction) and keep on top of current events. I volunteer with Literacy Green Bay and at AbleLight Thrift Shop. I'm a big Packer fan (and a stockholder). My husband Tom and I like to geocache (sort of like hiking combined with treasure hunting), spend time at our cabin up north, and travel. We've been to places throughout the U.S., Europe, and the U.K, and a few spots in Asia.
I have found it rewarding. I like being able to play a small part in having a positive impact on people and the community. I have been blessed with so much in life -- it makes me want to give back by volunteering and by working at a place that has volunteering at its heart.
I've been to five Packer road games and they've won every one of them: at San Diego, Miami, Charlotte, Jacksonville and Tampa. I should go to more!
Hands-down, it would be Italy. We've been there several times to different regions and it's one of the places we've enjoyed most. It's fascinating to experience the history that is around every corner. We like to explore cities both large and small, and we always combine lots of activity with some relaxing down-time just people-watching and letting the world go by. And of course, the food is terrific!