Volunteer Center of Brown County

Mass Communications and Social Media Intern

Contact: Eric Sponholtz, Executive Director at eric.sponholtz@volunteergb.org or (920) 600-0188.

Location: 984 9th St., Green Bay, Wisconsin (physical office); however, much of the work can be done from home and by using virtual meeting spaces.

Time Requirement: Average 4-6 hours per week; three-month duration or until end of October 2020.

Stipend: A one-time $500 stipend upon completion of internship.

The Volunteer Center of Brown County is a non-profit organization committed to building a stronger community by engaging volunteers to support non-profit partners! Serving over 200 community organizations and local schools in the Green Bay area, the Volunteer Center is the expert in mobilizing Brown County’s greatest asset, its people, to take actions that make our community stronger. This organization strongly believes in the idea that individuals, groups and our community as a whole are stronger when we all pull together and is looking for an intern who exemplifies and lives out that philosophy as well.

The Mass Communications and Social Media Intern will have the opportunity to help increase awareness of the Volunteer Center and the vital services it provides to the community. Volunteers, corporate groups, schools/universities, and community partners need easy ways to access information related to the Volunteer Center. Considerable work has already been done in this area, and the intern will be charged with learning how social media is currently managed and then enhancing processes. The intern will do this in cooperation with Volunteer Center staff and other volunteers and can do much of the work from home.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Study the center’s current social media presence. Suggest improvements and best practices that will enhance the center’s offerings and engagement.
  • Research the most effective ways the center can utilize LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Report findings and then slowly implement suggestions.
  • Co-manage the center’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages with Community Engagement Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.
  • Assist with marketing efforts of the center and its events, including, but not limited to, the WPS Volunteer Awards, Golf Classic, Volunteer Expo, and Make a Difference Day.
  • Complete mass communications project with corporate partners around volunteer recruitment processes.

This experience will be very beneficial to individuals pursuing careers in non-profit work, law, societies and justice, social work, public administration, communications, public relations or marketing.