2023 Affiliate Partner Benefits

Nonprofits and volunteers strengthen our community tremendously. The Volunteer Center’s goal is to be the hub of volunteer activity in our community, not merely by helping volunteers find a home, but through helping nonprofits continue their meaningful and vital work.

We serve all nonprofits of Brown County and the surrounding counties by raising awareness about your organization, its mission, and your volunteer needs. However, we do offer an enhanced level of service through our Affiliate Partner program, which features numerous ways we can help you find and retain volunteers. In 2023, the fee is only $150 (prorated for a partial-year membership — call for details)!*

*Thank you to Green Bay Packers Give Back and the Schneider National Foundation for their generous donations enabling each organization to automatically receive $100 off the normal annual fee of $250!

Affiliate partner button

Yes, I Want to Become an Affiliate Partner for 2023 or Renew My Organization’s Existing Partnership!

To take advantage of all the great benefits of being an Affiliate (which you can read more about below), please follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the affiliate partnership form. You will be given the opportunity to pay the $150 fee via all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx), e-check/ACH, Apple Pay or Google Pay mobile wallets.
    • To renew an existing partnership, fill out the form found here.
    • To begin a new partnership, fill out the form found here.
  2. Email your logo to Ruth Paquin, administrative assistant at the Volunteer Center.
    • JPEG or PNG file formats are preferred.
  3. Sign up for or update your organization’s already-existing Get Connected agency.
    • New partners sign up here.
    • Update already-existing agencies here. (This is highly recommended for organizations that already have an agency.)
    • Contact Ruth Paquin if you are unsure if your organization has an agency or if you need help logging into an already-existing agency.

Once all steps are completed, we will contact you to finalize your Affiliate Partnership. Then it’s easy to begin taking advantage of all the benefits that come with it!

If you’d like to read all the details about the many ways an Affiliate Partnership with the Volunteer Center can help your organization, read on!

Benefits of Being an Affiliate Partner in 2023

Volunteer Recruitment:

  • Affiliates always receive top priority for volunteer recruitment and placement. This includes when we reach out looking for volunteer projects for corporate groups, school groups, religious groups, and other groups.
  • UNLIMITED number of postings in the following publications:
    • The Volunteer Connect, our weekly e-newsletter sent to more than 2,900 contacts (note: Non-Affiliates will be charged for posting more than once).
    • The Volunteer Times, a monthly listing of volunteer opportunities sent to over 900 contacts, who share it with hundreds of corporate employees, school faculty, and other large groups (note: Non-Affiliates will be charged for posting more than once).
    • Our Facebook page, which is followed by over 5,200 people (note: Non-Affiliates’ needs are not able to be posted on our Facebook page).
    • The Helping Hands section of Sunday’s Green Bay Press-Gazette (note: Non-Affiliates’ needs are not able to be listed in Helping Hands).
  • The Volunteer Center proactively reaches out to corporate groups, religious groups, universities, and other schools and organizations on behalf of Affiliates.
  • Free access to our Get Connected platform, which includes unlimited volunteer need listings, community event postings, volunteer check-in capabilities, volunteer hours tracking, and more! This also includes staff support to manage your agency when needed.
    • There were over 29,000 agency views in Get Connected between June 2022 and June 2023.
  • Volunteer opportunities posted by agencies on their Get Connected agency page will be seen by students, faculty, and staff at UWGB through a partnership with their Student Engagement Center.

Recognition, Marketing, and Social Media:

  • Dedicated page on the Volunteer Center website listing Affiliate Partners only, which includes each organization’s logo and a Learn More button (both of which are linked to their agency on the Volunteer Center’s volunteer recruiting portal, Get Connected), as well as Donate and Volunteer buttons, which are linked directly to the organization’s website.
  • Recognition of a different Affiliate Partner each week in the Volunteer Connect (our e-newsletter), on Facebook (either as a regular post or as a Facebook Live with our Executive Director, Eric Sponholtz), and in the Helping Hands section of Sunday’s Green Bay Press-Gazette. All but the Helping Hands listing will include the organization’s logo, as well as a brief description of their mission and current volunteer opportunities.
  • To better utilize Facebook, the Volunteer Center may ‘tag’ Affiliate Partners in our Facebook postings of volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and special announcements.

Additional Benefits:

  • An updated resource library on the Volunteer Center’s website, where Affiliates can access documents related to recruitment, retention, and best practices, and update contact information for their organization quickly and securely.
  • The Volunteer Center’s conference room is available for reservations on weekdays for meetings, volunteer trainings, etc. We currently have space for up to 12 people to meet comfortably. Chairs, tables, a dry erase board, and Wi-Fi are available for use. Groups may bring in food/beverages.
  • Personal check-ins with Affiliates throughout the year by Volunteer Center staff.
  • Monthly Give Back Buzz newsletter sent to Affiliates. This newsletter highlights organizational news, events and meetings, program updates, and resources and training opportunities.
  • Coffee & Collaboration: Meeting every two months, this group is designed to foster conversation and potential partnerships between Affiliate Partners of the Volunteer Center. Attendees will have a chance to speak about their organization, learn from other nonprofits, and share best practices, successes, and challenges. Volunteer Center staff will craft meetings to focus on specific topics (volunteer recruitment, utilizing volunteers, volunteer retention, volunteer recognition, etc.). This group is designed to be a casual way to meet other nonprofits and share ideas and awareness.
  • Free entry into our 6th Annual Community-Wide Volunteer Expo in September 2023 (see highlights of our 2022 Expo).
  • Assistance in locating photography support.
  • Board member recruitment support and placement assistance.
  • Access to the Workplace Volunteer Council via listings and presentation.

If you’re ready to become an Affiliate or renew your existing Affiliate Partnership for 2023, click HERE.

Not quite ready to become an Affiliate Partner? Here is some information for Non-Affiliate organizations:

Free Benefits for Non-Affiliates

  • One free listing in the weekly Volunteer Connect per year.
  • One free listing in the monthly Volunteer Times per year.

A La Carte Benefits for Non-Affiliates (prices vary)

  • Access to our Get Connected platform for $50 for the year, which includes unlimited volunteer need listings, community event postings, volunteer check-in capabilities, volunteer hours tracking, and more.
    • There were over 34,500 agency views in Get Connected between November of 2021 and October of 2022.
  • Postings in the monthly Volunteer Times for $40 per month (after the first free month).
  • Postings in the weekly Volunteer Connect e-newsletter for $20 per week (after the first free week).
  • $100 entry fee for our 6th Annual Volunteer Expo in September 2023.


  • Get Connected – The Volunteer Center’s volunteer recruitment portal accessed by thousands of volunteers yearly.
  • Helping Hands – A weekly listing of approximately five volunteer opportunities published in Sunday’s Green Bay Press-Gazette.
  • Volunteer Connect – A weekly e-newsletter distributed to thousands of people that lists upcoming volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, a volunteer of the week, and an affiliate partner of the week.
  • Volunteer Times – A monthly newsletter with an at-a-glance listing of volunteer opportunities.
  • Volunteer Expo – An annual event with networking, conversation, and refreshments with many of Brown County’s nonprofit organizations where attendees can discover ways to help serve their community.

We look forward to partnering with your organization to help raise its profile and get you the volunteers you need for the important work you do!

For more information or if you have questions, contact the Volunteer Center’s Community Development and Special Events Director, 
Jessie Sprister, at (920) 600-0185 or jessie@volunteergb.org.