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Art Garage logo

Art Garage

Mission: To encourage an appreciation for and participation in the visual, performing and literary arts.

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Brown County Historical Society logo

Brown County Historical Society

Mission: To preserve, present, and share the heritage of Brown County history through preservation activities, exhibitions, educational programs, and events.

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Brown Co Library

Brown County Library

Mission: To be a catalyst for community advancement.

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Downtown GB and Olde Main

Downtown Green Bay and Olde Main Street

Mission: To preserve and improve the social and economic conditions in downtown by bringing together appropriate partnership of people, organizations, and funds needed to evaluate, facilitate or implement downtown development projects.

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Evergreen Productions logo

Evergreen Productions

Mission: An all-volunteer theater company that produces eight shows per year, four with mainly adults in the cast and four with mainly young actors in the cast.

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Film Green Bay logo

Film Green Bay

Mission: To provide a rich cultural experience and educational opportunities for our community and visitors while promoting Green Bay as a hub for filmmaking and film appreciation.

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Friends of the Brown Co Library logo

Friends of the Brown County Library

Mission: To promote, sustain, and extend the mission of the Brown County Library to help ensure library excellence in the future.

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Heritage Hill State Park logo

Heritage Hill State Park

Mission: A living history park devoted to the preservation of buildings/artifacts and interpretation of Northeast Wisconsin and to encourage visitor awareness and appreciation of its diverse cultures and people.

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National Railroad Museum Logo

National Railroad Museum

Mission: To inspire lifelong learning by providing dynamic educational opportunities through the preservation of railroad objects, engaging exhibits and innovative programs.

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The-National Shrine of our Lady of Good Help Logo

National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

Mission: To continue the gospel mission of Jesus Christ by responding to Mary's call to Adele Brise to foster conversion, teach the children and minister to the sick and old.

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On Broadway Logo

On Broadway

Mission: To promote the Broadway District as Green Bay's cultural core for entrepreneurs, creatives, residents and visitors to engage and succeed in a welcoming environment.

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